Below are the instructions and some tips for a better pre-loader game. When you are ready to start, click here



1. Turn off your browser's Favorites, if showing. This makes the screen wider, and it will be easier to keep your mouse inside the game.


Instructions for Break-Out, the pre-loader game:

1. Use your mouse to move the white "paddle" up and down, to hit the bouncing ball. Cause it to bounce against the colorful tiles to make them disappear.

2. Your Mom or Dad may want to play Break-Out, too. :-) They probably will remember this game, since it was a favorite way back years ago. If they do want to play, be sure to give them a turn. The Bible says, "Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long..." (Exodus 20:12 KJV)!

3. As soon as the download is complete for the Kids! Paint Program, the Break-Out Game will end.  The next time you visit this page, the download will already be done, so the Break-Out Game will not appear. It will only reappear if your browser's "temporary files" cache is emptied. Don't try to empty that! Ask your Mom or Dad.

Instructions for Puzzles:

1. As soon as the Puzzles have been downloaded, the Break-Out game will disappear, and the Puzzles will begin.

2. There are four different Puzzles to choose from. Click one to begin. Clicking Go! will choose one for you at random.

3. Your chosen puzzle will appear. Click on the button labeled Play! to shuffle the pieces and begin the game.

4. Use your mouse to drag and drop the puzzle pieces together. When the pieces are right, they will “stick” to each other.

5. When all the pieces are in place, you win!

6. The Ready To Be Free Kids! Computer CD has four (4) other Puzzles (different from all those on this web-version). You can get all of this, plus more games and other fun stuff, for only $2.00 plus shipping! To order, call 314-837-7300 and speak to the Sunday School Division.


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